This is a must-visit spot in the Rocky Mountain Trench for anyone passionate about birdwatching and nature.

This is a must-visit spot in the Rocky Mountain Trench for anyone passionate about birdwatching and nature.

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It is very beautiful and the best time of year is early to mid-spring. Please respect the migrating waterfowl.

Submitted by Dianne Cooper (05/05/2008)

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Cranbrook Visitor Centre


Box 84
Cranbrook, BC V1C 4H6
250-426-3873 (fax)
Elizabeth Lake Bird Sanctuary
LAT: 49.4986
LON: -115.7914
Elevation: 3015 FT (919 M)
Overview of this Wildlife Watching Landscape

This park is a wonderful place for bird watching or enjoying a walk in the evening around the mulch trails. Listen to the songs of the many native songbirds or watch from one of the bird watching blinds around the lake. The area is home to hundreds of species of birds and a very enthusiastic group of birders.

A bird checklist and circle birding tour guide brochure is available and can be picked up at the Cranbrook Visitor Centre. The circle tour begins at Elizabeth Lake, continues to Kimberley's Nature Park and Wasa Lake.

Type of Wildlife Often Seen

Elizabeth Lake is an important nesting and staging area for several waterfowl species including Canada geese and teal, ringneck, scaup, redhead, bufflehead, goldeneye and ruddy ducks. You can also see coots, grebes, black terns and songbirds. Mammals present include muskrats, whitetail deer, elk and moose. Elizabeth Lake also holds a large population of Western Painted Turtles, BC's only indigenous turtle species. Watch for rare bird species such as the Northern Hawk Owl, Northern Oriole and Nashville Warbler.

Best Times of the Day for Viewing

All times

Best Seasons and Months for Viewing

Spring, Summer, Fall

Places and Pointers for Viewing

Walking trails around the 250 acre park lead to bird-watching blinds around the lake.

Driving Directions

Located on the west side of Cranbrook on Highway #3.