Musical Ride at Fort Museum

Musical Ride at Fort Museum
Photo © David Thomas

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Museum of the North West Mounted Police


403.553.3451 or 800.273.6841
The Fort Museum of the North West Mounted Police
LAT: 49.7266
LON: -113.4073
Elevation: 3098 FT (944 M)
Historical Time Period for Site


A Short Introduction to the Site

Red-coated precursors to Royal Canadian Mounted Police were dispatched to Fort Macleod in the 1870s to stop American whiskey traders from abusing Blackfoot First Nations and defying Canadian sovereignty on the Prairies. Museum and musical rides honour Canada's tradition of cavalry riding to the rescue of natives, not interlopers. Visit the nearby restored 1884 police barracks and interpretive centre.

Full Description of the Historical Site or Museum

The story of Canada's famous Mounted Police force is brought to life through hands-on programs and interactive exhibits. Canadian Confederation in 1867 brought the region of the North West under control of the Dominion of Canada. The subsequent departure of the Hudson's Bay Company, which had maintained relative stability in the region during the previous two hundred years, resulted in the introduction of a destructive new threat, the American whiskey trade.

Known today as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the North West Mounted Police was established in 1873 to bring order to the rugged Canadian frontier and to stem the corrosive influence of the American traders. After finishing an arduous 800-mile trek west in 1874, the North West Mounted Police established their first post, Fort Macleod. From Fort Macleod, the Mounted Police developed a series of new posts and patrols that protected the First Nations people, as well as the new settlers who came to the Canadian West after completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885.

The first NWMP post was named Fort Macleod in honour of Colonel James F. Macleod's strong leadership of the Mounted Police during the 1874 trek west. The Museum also provides a glimpse into how the traditional First Nations plains culture was impacted by the arrival of the NWMP and prairie settlement.

Don't Miss This When Visiting

The NWMP Musical Ride continues the tradition of early cavalry riding demonstrations. The Musical Ride performs daily in July and August, weather permitting. Join in the inspection of the troops before each Musical Ride performance and visit the NWMP stables throughout the day.